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The NARDOU Couture designer is Luis Bernardou who has grown up in Paraguay, with his father being of French origin. He studied fashion design in Asunción and has produced individual designs and small collections there.

He has been living and working in Europe for several years.
Luis Bernardou is being advised by and collaborates with a small team of partners in all matters concerning NARDOU Couture.


The aesthetic vision of NARDOU Couture puts its emphasis on the modern woman who has the highest demands towards her individual evening wear.

In doing so the classical style evening dress as it is known in the French and Italian Couture is set to the center – adapted to today’s needs, dynamic surroundings and to current day influences. Special attention is thereby being paid to the design as well as to material and manufacturing of the wardrobe.

Concept and Working Method

The outfits of NARDOU Couture are designed and produced uniquely as individual projects. After the first contact, the creation and manufacturing phases are being conducted in close personal cooperation with the NARDOU Couture team.

As far as the material is concerned we attach great importance to materials of highest quality and of European origin. The sewing work is being carried out by our partner atelier in Belgrade.